Need Some New Iphone Tricks? Check Out These Tips!

You might be uneducated in the uses of a smartphone. Numerous phones offer similar functionality. The same holds true for practically any phone out there, but they’re definitely not all created equal. The iPhone is a superior smartphone to all the others out there. The following article will help you understand why the iPhone is considered the best and how to use its features.

Get a keyboard that is bigger in order to browse easier with your iPhone. In order to get a bigger keyboard, you don’t even need to purchase one. Put the iPhone to the side and in Safari, tap on the address bar. The keyboard will be bigger, and you will be able to type on it better.

Save your valuable battery power by lowering the brightness on your iPhone. You can accomplish this in your iPhone’s settings area. This will definitely help you save your battery usage, which is important during those times when you need a fully charged phone.

When using Safari, you can make a phone call with a single tap. If you find a website for a dry cleaner that is near you, look for the number on the webpage. When you find a number, you don’t have to go to the phone part of the iPhone. Simply tapping the number will connect you to the phone number that you desire to reach.

Buy a screen protector to use on your iPhone. Without it, the phone is likely to sustain damage from every day use. Just a tiny speck of dirt can scratch the screen. It is in your best interest to always use a screen protector.

Like many other smartphones, iPhone can provide visual information of incoming calls or messages. If you want to have a silent notification, the iPhone’s LED camera can be set to blink whenever you receive a call and/or message. Use the menu for Settings, then General, then Accessibility. Turn on “LED Flash for Alerts.”

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, pretty much everyone has an iPhone in this day and age. Before, you probably wondered what the big deal was about the iPhone. However, after reading this article, you can see that it is to your advantage to own one of these phones!

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